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Welcome to IE-Vista

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Welcome to Internet Explorer 8



Activities and Web Slices



Activities are an easy way to access various web services without copying and pasting. Activities content is created by web site owners using an XML format called OpenService.

All you need to do is highlight a particular word, or series of words, with your mouse, and then right click (click on the thumbnail to the left of these words to see an example of many activities available.

You are able to access ALL search engines available via the Internet Explorer Search Pane; you can also blog with Windows Live Spaces, define a word using Encarta, send an email with Windows Live Mail, create a map using Live Maps, translate a Word using Windows Live and myriad other activities (also known as Accelerators).

When you highlight a word you will also see an Activities button - you can click on that button to open the same Activities menu, without right clicking.


Web Slices

Web Slices are basically a fancy new way to use RSS (to be continued)