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Tab Groups

There are two types of Tab Groups - Grouped Favorites and Multiple Home Pages.  Internet Explorer also introduces a feature called Restore Last Tab Group.


Grouped Favorites

Open each page that you would like to have in your Favorites Group in its own tab. Once you have done this, click on the Favorites menu, then click on Add Tab Group to Favorites.

Decide on a Folder Name.

Now open the Favorites Centre by clicking on the star on the toolbar  Navigate to the folder containing the shortcuts.  Click on the blue right-pointing arrow that appears on the right hand edge of the folder entry.

All favorites stored in the folder will now open at the same time in their own tab.


Multiple home pages

Go to IE Tools, Internet Options, then the General Tab.  Creating multiple home pages is as simple as hitting the enter key to go down a line, one URL per line.

Internet Explorer will open all of your home pages when you start Internet Explorer, or when you click on the Home button on the toolbar.

If you wish you can set Internet Explorer to open only your first home page when it starts.  You will still be able to open all home pages by clicking on the Home button after the option is enabled.  Click on Tools, the Internet Options, then click on the Settings button in the Tabs section.

Click on the drop-down arrow on the right edge of the Home button to access even more options.  You can open just one home page, add or change a home page, remove a home page or remove all home pages.


If you click on Add or Change Home Page, Internet Explorer will offer to add the page that is currently being displayed as a Home Page:


Restore Last Tab Group

When we close Internet Explorer we are prompted to close all Tabs (unless we have disabled the option).  Click on the Show Options button to reveal an option to "Open these the next time I use Internet Explorer" option.  If we turn on this option when closing IE, the next time that IE is started it will open all the normal home pages PLUS all tabs that were open when IE was last shut down. Internet Explorer's home page settings will not be changed.

If you have disabled the option, you can enable it again Tabbed Browsing Settings.