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Printing improvements

Internet Explorer's printing facilities has undergone a major redesign, with lots of new abilities, and a very important fix.

It has been a common complaint amongst Internet Explorer users that the right hand edge of a Web page's content was sometimes cut off when the page is printed.  The workaround has always been to set Internet Explorer to print in Landscape mode, which of course uses more paper than Portrait.

Internet Explorer 7 introduces a new setting, "Shrink to Fit", which is the default setting whenever we print a Web page.  Shrink to Fit, as the name implies, automatically shrinks a Web page so that it fits perfectly on to your paper, no matter what its size may be.

For example, have a look at this screen shot of an MSDN page, showing print preview at 100% to imitate normal print behaviour in IE6 and earlier - note how content on the right hand edge is cut off.

Now, let's look at the same page, with Print Preview set to Shrink to Fit - note how the entire page's content fits nicely on the paper.


Internet Explorer 7 introduces a new Print Preview window.  This window has a dynamic toolbar with buttons that allow us to manipulate various Print settings and adjust Preview pane settings, and drop down selection lists that change depending on what we are trying to print, and the format of the Web page being printed.

The various buttons control show above, from left to right, are:

Print in portrait mode
Print in landscape mode
Page setup options
Turn headers and footers on and off
View print preview in full width
View full page

View from 1 to 12 pages on screen at the same time

Below is a snipped screenshot of the 12 Page View (snipped to fit into this CSS column)

As laid out on screen
only appears when printing Web sites that use Frames.

Print zoom options

A percentage field appears if we select Custom in the Print Zoom options list.

This screenshot is of a graphic on my site, printed at 100%

Here's the same graphic, same page, printed at 200%:



As selected on screen option:

A portion of my Web page as selected for printing