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General information

Microsoft has released IE7 to the general public:

IE7 has been released via Automatic Updates:

Also, WSUS:

As languages other than English are released, you will find them here:

More info about other languages here:

A history of Internet Explorer, showing how far we have come, is here (an article of mine published August 25, 2005):

In the past, installing Internet Explorer required downloading a "stub" that would then download and install Internet Explorer.

This behaviour has changed for IE7. As noted at this URL:

"Automatic Updates will notify all such users (including those with Automatic Updates configured to automatically download and install updates) when Internet Explorer 7 has been downloaded and is ready to install."

Turn on the IE7 desktop shortcut in Windows Vista

Create a Reg file with the following text - merge with the registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You will need to refresh the desktop to see the shortcut (right click on desktop, select refresh).

Reported IE7 weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Vulnerability in Windows Animated Cursor Handling

IE7 on Vista (when running with protected mode on) is not vulnerable. Note that if you have turned off UAC, you have also turned off Protected Mode for IE7.

This one is a problem. When IE7 loads a local resource (such as navcancel) and the URL includes a Web site, IE7 automatically removes the URL path of the local resource and leaves only a provided URL. This means that phishers could potentially spoof phishing sites.

Info here:


MSIE browser entrapment vulnerability

Ok, *this* vulnerability demo is good. Unlike other IE7 vulnerabilities that have been reported that resulted in weird behaviour that made it obvious to all but the most unobservant user that something weird is going on, this one is pretty much impossible to spot.

That being said, to take advantage of the vulnerability you're going to have to convince somebody to visit a hostile site, and then convince the visitor to manually type a URL into the addressbar instead of using a link or favorite to go to a page, limiting its effectiveness.

The worst vulnerabilities are the ones that require no user interaction, or require user action that is normal behaviour. Now, although it is 'normal behaviour' to type URLs into an addressbar under some circumstances, and it is normal that people are advised to do so, it must be remembered that they are advised to do so **instead of clicking hyperlinks in an email**, not when at a Web site.

The demonstration is here:

The Secunia advisory is here:

Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution
(IE7 can be used as an infection vector)

IE7 Window Injection "Vulnerability"
(By design behaviour that affects most Web browsers and operating systems)

IE 7 "mhtml:" Redirection Information Disclosure
(IE7 can be used as an infection vector)

Pop-up Address Bar spoofing weakness:

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