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Quick Tabs

Quick Tabs are a very cool way to navigate.  Imagine you have lots of tabs open, some for the same site.  Previously it could be difficult to find a page that we were looking for when the page title was obscured or less than descriptive.  Quick Tabs make it very easy to quickly find, open or close a particular page.

The QuickTabs icon appears next to the Favorites Centre and subscribe buttons as soon as two or more tabs are open.

Various "looks" for the Quick Tabs icon as the beta has progressed

Click on the Quick Tabs icon (or use the Ctrl Q key combination) to open a special page of thumbnails for all open tabs.

Simply click on any thumbnail to jump to the associated Tab.  Or, navigate to any page by using the drop down list on the right hand edge of the Quick Tabs icon.  Close any page by clicking on the X, or all other pages by right clicking and selecting Close other tabs.  Refresh an individual page or all pages by right clicking and selecting the relevant option. 

The thumbnails are dynamic, and will update automatically as the content of Web pages change.

They also change size depending on how many window you have open - real size screenshots below, although you will note that pages are cut off when the quicktab thumbnails are reduced in size: