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Change your User Agent String
(IE8 and IE9)

This tool is designed for use with IE8 and IE9 and may help you when a page is not coded to properly detect browser version:

Compatibility View

I am still seeing web sites that break when using IE8 - some sites display only minor issues, some are downright irritating.

If you need to use a site that is broken in IE8 please switch to Compatibility View. 

IE8 will sometimes display the Compatibility View button next to the address bar:

If the Compatibility View Button does not appear (it is dynamic), use the menu option (Tools, Compatibility View Settings):

Note that you can set IE to display all intranet sites in Compatibility View, or all web sites.

Later builds of IE8 will include an option to include updated website lists from Microsoft.   This website list will be made up of sites that are known to have a problem when viewed using IE8.  Updates to the list will be downloaded via Windows Update.