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Parental Controls

Parental Controls are a new safety feature for Web browsing when using Internet Explorer that will only be available as part of Windows Vista.

Basically, it will be possible to control:

  • when a child or other limited user is allowed to use the computer
  • the type of Web site that can be accessed (specific URLs can be blocked if need be)
  • what games can be played (*if* the game is "rated"); and
  • what applications can be run

Using an Activity Viewer, it will be possible to view information about a user's activities including:

  • Web sites visited and blocked (including which sites have been visited most often)
  • Files that have been downloaded
  • What applications the user has run
  • Information about email and IM activity

You can see Parental Controls in action at this blog:

(You'll have to put up with the sound of an engine revving during the intro, and watch a demo of various Vista games before you get to the stuff about parental controls - if I find a demo dedicated to just parental controls, I'll change the link above).

I'm not running Vista at the moment therefore will refer you to the Internet Explorer team blog which has a couple of detailed entries:

Family Safety on Windows Vista

Parental Controls and IE